by Clay Sikes

In early January 2010, I began to sense that the ‘times’ we have entered will bring change – a change of a magnitude not known before. For many, these times will bring extraordinary difficulties, but for others, those who have lived through one difficult period after another, who have been tried by the fires of affliction, who have lived in total obscurity and tested and purified by the Lord’s chastening, true life (destiny) will begin (1 Corinthians 3:13). This time is signified by the manifestation of  the sons (daughters) of God (Romans 8). The Kingdom is coming upon earth, ascending from these very sons and daughters, as they live a life of complete obedience to the Lord’s commands, “who love not their own life unto death.”

The Lord has graciously allowed us to see the signs in Matthew 24 in understanding the connection to Revelation 12: 1-6 and Romans 8. Let those who have ears to hear, hear what the Spirit is saying. The woman (Church) has birthed the man-child (sons and daughters of God). This birth has been bloody and messy, and though we are in infant form we are coming into the full statue of Christ, as fully mature sons and daughters individually, and now corporately.

As a corporate Body we are now forming by connecting, as connection (assembly) is the first vital aspect in the formation of any body. When the true remnant Body connection is complete, the Head will begin to direct the Body in uniform corporate measure, such that unity will flow between the masses of God’s appointed.

This is indeed a time of preparation, much the same as in Joseph’s day. We must prepare for what is to come as to be found innocent when judgment begins. We are to prepare our hearts, as heart preparation allows a flow of accurate communication with the Father allowing other measures of physical preparation.  There is time enough, though it is short, to prepare and see what is coming as the world’s system is gasping for its last breath (Haggai 2:20). As this once powerful system of greed and entitlement falls under God’s judgment (Isaiah 47), hidden sin will be exposed as never before. The demise of the world’s system will give rise to a Kingdom economic base in which a great wealth transfer will change the planet.

This transfer will have little or nothing to do with past discussions or teachings on ‘what this means,’ as God’s great wealth transfer will encompass all of God’s people in some degree, including the poorest of the poor. God’s Kingdom economic system will work, and redeem His people as His principles replace the world’s system. The economies of the world will bow their knee to the Kingdom’s influence upon the earth.

Teaching others to  become God-centered and community minded will release the greatest wealth transfer in the history of the world, as God’s hand of favor and blessing will find those involved in this appointment and exponentially release resources.

This is not a time to fear, but rejoice as Jesus will be seen on earth through His corporate Body who will reign and rule with an iron scepter. The ‘iron scepter’ means many things, but its initial meaning is found in serving others, teaching the ways of our Lord to those we are appointed to serve. This will begin with the remnant company of God’s appointed, causing others to grasp complete and total surrender (dying to self) thus producing a bride without spot or wrinkle.

The signs are in the air that these events are now happening, as some months ago I felt the Lord gave me a vision of a map that addressed events in this country. What I felt He told me was that a whirlwind would start in the west (California) and work its way east, but not to fear because He was in the whirlwind.

Much more to come as we are living in the most exciting times this earth has known.

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